COVID-19 Update

Sadly due to the current situation with COVID-19 the North Devon Relays are cancelled for 2020.

We hope that later in the year there may be a chance to arrange a get together of some sort but we'll wait to see how things pan out before making any plans.

Welcome to the North Devon Inter Running Club Relay Series

This competition is held annually between Bideford Athletics Club, Fremington Trailblazers, Ilfracombe Running Club, North Devon Road Runners, South Molton Strugglers and Torrington Athletics Club. It consists of 6 rounds, one hosted by each of the clubs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer. Each route is roughly 2.5 miles long and each club enters teams of 3 or 4 runners from various age/gender categories.

Latest Results - Round 6 Summary

24th Jul 2019 - Bideford - Club house

Senior Men

Bideford AC00:49:3612pts
South Molton Strugglers00:51:3610pts
Torrington AC00:55:408pts
Fremington Trailblazers00:56:206pts
Ilfracombe RC00:58:244pts
North Devon RR00:59:032pts

Vet Men

Bideford AC00:52:5212pts
Ilfracombe RC00:55:0710pts
South Molton Strugglers00:58:548pts
Fremington Trailblazers01:09:056pts
Torrington AC01:09:494pts
North Devon RR01:11:352pts

Vet Men Over 50

Bideford AC00:59:5712pts
North Devon RR01:00:4310pts
Fremington Trailblazers01:03:448pts
Ilfracombe RC01:09:056pts

Vet Any Over 55

Bideford AC00:46:2312pts
Torrington AC00:47:4210pts
Ilfracombe RC00:48:498pts
Fremington Trailblazers00:51:046pts
South Molton Strugglers00:55:144pts

Senior Ladies

Torrington AC00:45:0912pts
Ilfracombe RC00:48:0710pts
South Molton Strugglers00:48:348pts
Bideford AC00:50:256pts
Fremington Trailblazers00:52:244pts
North Devon RR00:52:502pts

Vet Ladies

Bideford AC00:43:2412pts
Ilfracombe RC00:45:2710pts
Fremington Trailblazers00:49:328pts
North Devon RR00:51:546pts
Torrington AC00:53:584pts
South Molton Strugglers00:59:072pts

Vet Ladies Over 50

Torrington AC00:48:1512pts
Fremington Trailblazers00:55:4610pts
Ilfracombe RC00:57:158pts
North Devon RR00:57:496pts
South Molton Strugglers01:03:484pts

Junior Boys

Bideford AC00:45:0512pts
Fremington Trailblazers00:52:3510pts

Junior Girls

Torrington AC01:00:0012pts
Fremington Trailblazers01:05:4610pts

Junior Mixed

Bideford AC00:51:0712pts
Torrington AC00:56:4810pts
Fremington Trailblazers00:59:388pts

Health And Safety

For your own safety please do not run the relays with headphones on, you need to be able to hear the traffic and marshals. Thank you.

Upcoming Meets

No upcoming meets